Tech Video Review: Sonos Wireless Home Theater Speaker (English/Malayalam vlog)

Here you can find the English/Malayalam tech video review of the Sonos Wireless Home theater surround sound speakers. The Package includes the Sonos Arc soundbar, 1 Sonos Sub and 2 Sonos One surround sound pair.

The video is structured into 6 short phases as follows :

  1. Unboxing and a short overview of the Sonos Arc
  2. Unboxing and a short overview of the Sonos Sub
  3. Unboxing and a short overview of the Sonos One surround pair
  4. Top 5 things I like about the Sonos speakers and why I bought them
  5. Top 5 things I was not so impressed with Sonos
  6. And finally a quick setup in my living room

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My Top 5 pros and cons of Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 is the predecessor of one of the best and beloved Z5500 speakers. Z906 inherited all the impressive features like Dolby Digital/DTS support, THX certification, sturdy build quality from Z5500. Although my choice was to get Z5500, due to unavailability of these legendary speakers, I had to go for Z906. I was pretty impressed with these speakers when I bought them over 10 years ago. Alas, in August 2020, the sub woofer stopped working, turning the whole system useless.

Before I start looking into a new set of speakers for my personal use, I thought to share my top 5 pros and cons of Logitech Z906 and these will be used to help with my decision for my next buy. Although Z906 is great with games and movies, during this time of the year – it still lacks many of the technological features and support that is prominent in 2020. This is the main reason why I will not be replacing them with another Z906 speakers.


1. Sound Quality

It has a very good crisp sound with a punchy bass from the sub woofer.

Sub woofer itself has a 165W output while the total comes to 500W and could go up to 1000W if you are brave enough to raise its volume that high and face your neighbours.

It supports Dolby Digital with DTS amplifier builtin. An amazing 5.1 surround sound THX certified speakers.

2. Build Quality

Very Sturdy build speakers with a good finish. The speakers themselves look OK and blend in with the room.

The surround sound speakers are slightly upward angled for a good reach. The satellite speakers can be wall mounted or on a speaker stand or freestanding thus giving plenty of options to suit your room setup.

3. Convenience and ease of use

The speakers can be setup very easily without much hassle and pretty straight forward. Speaker modes, volumes and inputs can be controlled with a simple and intuitive small remote control.

With multiple audio input capability, there is enough inputs to connect all your appliances without any short comings.

The speaker cables are regular wires that can be replaced if needed for additional length or if they’re damaged.

4. Six Audio inputs

With the availability of 2 digital optical inputs, 1 – coaxial , 1 – 6 channel direct input , 3.5mm jack, 1 – headphone jack, RCA input – you won’t go short of connectivity. These inputs will give you a true surround sound dolby setup with enough immersive experience.

5. Best Value for money

Z906 is a good bargain and gives a lot of value for the money. I have used these speakers for over 10 years. Never had any problem with these or needed any visit to the repair centres. It is a good competitor among other 5.1 speaker systems.


1. Performance at low Frequency

At low frequency, the bass can be slightly distorted with too much vibrations.

Finally considering the sound quality itself, you need to be in a specific location (no audio tunings based on speaker location and direction) in order to get the full surround experience. This is because the satellites are with one way drivers unlike some of the latest speakers that has multi directional speakers giving a better area of surround setup including the dolby atmos.

2. Cables

Since these speakers are wired speakers, unfortunately there are lot of wires all over the place. Although wired speakers gives a better sound experience, the downside is the cables that connects to them.

The overall look and feel is a bit messy unless you are very good at hiding them, unlike me. Don’t get me wrong, the design itself is clean and kind of bland but still not too bad to arrange them in the living room.

3. No HDMI/wifi / Bluetooth connectivity

Although there are multiple audio inputs, lack of wifi/bluetooth connectivity to stream music is a bummer. It’s still acceptable considering the age of the product and the price point.

Also not having an HDMI port for audio input is also a miss, considering this age of ARC/eARC ports to support TrueHD/DTSHD.

4. Voice control is missing

Lack of Technological advancements like voice control (Alexa, Google home support) is another missing feature which I personally use on a day to day basis. Alexa has mostly my daily routines from morning alarm to turn off lights when going to bed. So very convenient to have an automated home accessories. No LCD displays to show the audio source except a led light to show the source 1, 2, 3 etc in the control console . Not very helpful, even I get confused which audio inputs correspond to which source.

5. Single Point of failure

Since all the audio source connections are in the back of the subwoofer, it’s a potential single point of failure just like I am facing right now. Since my subwoofer no longer works, the whole system is useless unless I could get it fixed by a local handyman.


Personally, I will recommend Logitech z906 surround sound speakers if you are not fussed about the latest features like wifi/Bluetooth connectivity or support for HDMI and you’re looking for a budget speakers that can work with your computer/TV and other audio sources.

Unfortunately, the cons listed in this post are important for me and will be considered for my new potential system. Will continue my research on this topic and will come back with some updates soon.

If you would like to check the video review of the speaker in Malayalam, visit here or youtube playlist

Tech Video Review: Logitech z906 Home Theater Speaker (Malayalam)

Here you can find the Malayalam tech video review of the Logitech z906 Home theater surround sound speakers.

The video is split into 2 parts covering :

  1. The Top 5 things I like about the Logitech z906 speaker –
  2. The top 5 things I dislike about the Logitech z906 speaker –

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