My Top 5 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship

Below are my top 5 secrets to a healthy relationship although not limited to – 

1. Have Fun

Having fun together is the most important driver of a “healthy relationship”. It doesn’t matter in which direction it goes, wherever life takes you, have fun together and be there for each other. 

If not fun, then why would you be in a relationship with this awesome person in the first place? My favourites in this category are playing Fifa with my wife even though I lose almost all the time (ohh!!! tell me about it), spontaneous drives to random places, playing tennis, visiting new countries, trying out different cuisines and the list goes on (check out recent drive to hamburg).

Scientific studies show that having fun and a good laugh with each other increases your levels of happy hormones, thus making you want to have more fun. Happy hormones I mentioned above are Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins; if you want to learn more 😉

2. Respect

By treating my partner just like how I want to be treated. As an individual, we all have different likes and dislikes and don’t necessarily know everything about our partner in the first place. You will know them by time. So take time to understand them and react accordingly is my go to strategy :).

Giving her the space when needed and allowing my partner to have her own time in her space and thoughts. I certainly don’t want to be around her all the time because I myself will have my “me time”, which I do want as well (Check out my top 5 hobbies)

Respect her needs and expect nothing back although by time it does become a habit of having higher expectations. I, at least, expect the minimum, which puts me in a safe place.

3. Patience

Think before you act : it’s very hard to  think when stressed or tensed but I take the time to think what will be the effect of my next action or words as the wise people say “A word of mouth and your last breath cannot be taken back”.

I have my own way of doing things and it’s not easy to change but I do believe that patience will bring in a common ground where both of us are comfortable.

4. Say Sorry

Don’t let the ego take the lead – A sorry would not hurt but will most probably make your day better and earn you respect. Apparently, it doesn’t need to be in words, sometimes, a simple hug can do the trick.

Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault and most of the time, the fights are too silly and not even worth the fight at all. Think about the best time you could’ve been having but instead, you’re wasting it fighting. So be brave guys and go ahead and fix it. The earlier the better as the time goes by, it gets harder to fix.

We practice a policy of no fights go to the next day, which has worked perfectly so far.

5. Eat Together

Cook and eat together with love and at the same time respect the food you are about to have.  It’s one of the best things you could do together. Sharing food and eating together have a big effect on the relationship. Somehow when people eat together and share food, unlike any other things you do, there is some kind of an indescribable connection, which cannot be explained.




3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship

  1. Nice one Neivin, I wish you could have also added few lines in “TRUST”.
    All 5 are considerably valuable on this subject

    1. Good catch @Anvar Adam Varghese, In my opinion “TRUST” & “RESPECT” go hand in hand. I believe that without trust, it’s hard to respect someone and vice versa. And this would be a deal breaker, unfortunately.

  2. Stunning! Great job! Everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you. Nothing to say, hang in there, best wishes mate!

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