My Top 5 hobbies during COVID-19 lockdown


1. Cooking/Baking

My top hobby during these days is Baking. One of the best snacks that I baked so far was “Blueberry Muffins”, which is also the easiest. I would say that it’s one of my specialties. It’s a rich muffin with lots of walnuts, blueberries, crushed almonds, dates and cranberries to give a slight tangy taste. Comment below if you would like to give it a try. Apart from the “Awesome muffins”, some of the best results were cheese cake, fudge brownies and chocolate cookies. I tried the carrot cake once, since I love the one from Starbucks and it was a disaster, need to work on it 🙂

During this lockdown, we tried to cook at home as much as we can with fresh ingredients rather than tinned or processed food. I love cooking especially trying out dishes with a lot of spices and combining different flavours, primarily with vegetables and pulses.

2. Learning/Playing Piano

music note on brown piano

Although I have been playing piano randomly here and there, I was never able to commit to this hobby for some time. Thanks to Covid-19 and with the help of some online apps – I did manage to get better over time and have been playing every day for at least 30mins. I use flowkey and online pianist apps which I found easy to use and have quite a good training programme.

3. Cross Stitching

A new hobby that I started 3 months ago was cross stitching. Need a lot of patience and consistency it seems. My strategy is to do at least 1 strand (6 threads) at a time. The story behind this hobby is very funny though. When I travelled to Beijing last year for work, I decided with the help of my colleagues to buy a wall poster with some traditional Chinese touch to it online. Once I received the package after returning to Germany, it was with a shock to realise that it’s a cross stitch bundle with a bunch of threads and needles to do it.

I left the package as it is for around 6 months with no intention of trying it out. Once the lockdown started, I picked it up and started working on it. Now am very curious of the end product. Looking forward to it but it’s going to take another 6 months to complete it seems. It’s quite a large frame.

4. Driving

I love driving around the good scenic places of Europe. A spontaneous drive to random places is the best. I tend to drive towards places with more greenery as much as possible, where me and my wife just chill with some nice music. Last trip was to Luxembourg, which was awesome. Lots of nice mountains and forests with a bunch of twisty roads and hair pin turns. Loved it!! Next is Hamburg (port city of Germany with more bridges than Venice). Interested to know about the best food and things to do in Hamburg, then why not drop a comment?.

5. Learning

The last but not the least which gets the 5th position is watching video documentories on Netflix , Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple tv+, listening to audible and reading on my kindle. I do have an affinity for quantum physics, myths about consciousness, astro physics, Technology, power of desire and law of attraction. And I still have a lot of open questions which am yet to get a convincing answers to. I will come back to my questions at a later post, soon 🙂

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