My Top 5 Things to Do in Hamburg 🇩🇪 Germany

1. Food

We’ve heard that when in Hamburg, we have to try the fish…so we did. From a Fish platter at Hamburger Fischertube to a Fischbrötchen at Brücke 10, passing by Daniel Wischer for a cheeky little plate of Fish & Chips; some we liked, some were just ok. My favourite was, hands down, the Fischbrötchen mit Bismarckhering. 

Hamburg has a lot of fish to offer and the variety can get a tad overwhelming at times. So we decided to take a little break between a Fischbrötchen and a Fish platter and go for burgers at Dulf’s Burger, we had to wait in a queue for about half an hour, which turned out to be rather worth it. The burgers were absolutely delicious but they weren’t the star of the show, the chilli cheese sauce was, I still dream of it to this day!

Another day, another story to tell. After coffee and a couple of Franzbrötchen at our new favourite place Nur Hier, it was time for us to discover the hidden gems of the city. As we strolled down the old streets of Hamburg, a delicious scent swiftly caught our attention and without thinking, we found ourselves inside an Arabic Restaurant called Azeitona, which means olive in Arabic. The scent of their fresh Falafel wafted out, begging us for a taste so we obliged and I’m glad we did. One bite and we were transported into Falafel heaven; it was heavenly to say the least.

When in Hamburg, try the fish and if fish is not your cup of tea, then there is a lot more delicious treats to sink your teeth into!

2. Chocoversum

Shout out to all the Chocoholics out there, this is the place for you!

As a chocolate lover, I’m always hunting for chocolate factories and yes, I do blame this on Charlie and the chocolate factory but this is a story for another day. Chocoversum is a place where you get to learn about chocolate, talk about chocolate, taste chocolate, and make your own chocolate bar, what’s not to like?

3. Port and Evening Cruise

If you’re a sea person like me then Humbug’s port is a must-see!

I loved watching the sunset while munching on my Fischbrötchen or eating my Haagen-Dazs ice cream but being in a ship in the middle of the sea while the night’s slowly falling over the buzzing city, now that, has a whole different feeling to it. The choice is yours, chilling in the port or riding the waves? You can have both!

4. Miniatur Wunderland

There is something absolutely magical about seeing a miniature of the world!

Fancy feeling like a giant or Alice in wonderland then Miniatur Wunderland should be your next destination! My favourite station was the airport, perhaps because it felt strangely real, which made it all the more mesmerising. If you’ve ever been, then let me know, which station was your favourite and why?

5. Planten un Blomen

After a long day in the midst of the city’s beautiful chaos, we like to wind down in a park and Planten un Blomen was everything we could ask for; it’s our favourite place to read or listen to a book!

Greenery, peace and serenity, and a decoration that will leave you in awe. Planten un Blomen is the perfect place to start and end your day. It almost feels like a 5 star relaxing resort but for free.

These were our Top 5 things we did in Hamburg, we have also made a video, which you can watch here